A message from James "We have come a long way over the years and pleased to be able to deliver our service to a wider audience. We are joining many other small businesses to help each other grow across the counties and we would like to say a massive thanks to them all.
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In 2010. We identified a gap in the market for a fine wine merchant on the high street of Brackley, With the help from the local Deli, James joined Matt and Brackley Wines was born.


Brackley Wines went from strength to strength and in 2011 we set up the Deli Wine Bar and Bistro. In November 2011 we did our very first private wine tasting which was a great success. 

In 2012 Brackley Wines and the Deli then did their first public tasting as a Spanish Night. After tickets selling out within a week, we decided to add further dates. Due to the success, we added French Nights and Italian Nights - all selling out. 

In 2013 The Deli changed its name to Clayson's, and continued to sell fine wines and high-quality produce to the people of Brackley.

In 2015 Clayson's Wine Bar, and Brackley Wines took a step outside Brackley and continued with their wine tastings for Love2Yurt and Hummingbirds, and The Green Room. and many other venues including wine clubs in Buckingham and local villages.

Finally Brackley Wines then started doing wine tastings in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire due to the high demand for fine wine tasters. It is now 2020 and Brackley Wines continues to grow with its ever building customer base.


As a wine merchant we attend tastings across the country and find some amazing wines with lots of great history from the wine makers, the vineyards and from the importers. Our careful choice of wines at these tastings allows us truly to stand out from our compititon: our wines can not be found in any major supermarkets.