Xachoh is imbued with a rich and compelling heritage in herbal remedies dating back centuries to ancient Persia,  infused with premium, exotic herbs and spices of the legendary Silk Road. 

Fast forward from ancient Persia to the UK and the birthplace of Xachoh, created for the truly adventurous spirit of today. Authentically distilled using only premium ‘purposeful' herbs and spices to our traditional recipes, our spirits have been artfully re-imagined and re-presented by leading international taste specialists for an exciting and contemporary drinking experience.

Suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets and free from alcohol, sugar, sweeteners, calories, gluten, carbohydrates, fat, flavourings and extracts, Xachoh offers the genuine feel-good factor: An exciting alternative ritual, a new, pure sensory ‘lift’ and a truly enlightening moment…. 

Xachoh Blend No. 5 has an elegant and complex aroma. The freshness of star anise is the backbone of this drink with its potent yet sweet flavour offering a heady scent, but without being overpowering on the palate. It is beautifully rounded by the spicy warmth and subtle fruitiness of ginger root, which is balanced alongside the fragrance and warmth of long pepper & turmeric, bringing real depth to the drink. The deliciously honeyed notes of chamomile offer the slightest touch of sweetness and helps to bring a gentle creaminess to the palate. Finally, the refreshing acidity of barberry & rosemary cuts through the rich flavours and produces a mouth-watering experience, giving way to a perfectly integrated blend of flavours that linger on the palate. 

£28.99 per bottle

The Xachoh Blend No. 7 has a warm and richly spiced aroma. The prominent flavours of ginger root and blades of mace strike a perfect blend of warmth, spice and a subtle fruitiness. The luxurious aroma of cinnamon quills brings sweetness to the nose and palate, balancing perfectly with saffron & the other spices. Dark crystal malt adds delicious toasted notes and a real depth of flavour, similar to that of a well-aged dark spirit. All of these rich and dark flavours are balanced by a refreshing acidity of sumac on the palate, leaving the way for a long finish and an eagerness for that next sip.

£28.99 per bottle