Aspect Brilliant dark red colour with touches of ochre. Aroma The oak stands out coupled with intense spice. If we swirl the wine in the glass, we get aromas which are typical of the Tempranillo grape variety as well as fruits of the forest. Taste A gentle palate with moderate ageing. The oak is well balanced to maintain the wine's freshness. Touches of cedar and oak. As the wine ages, smooth tannins come out in the retro nasal stage. Food and wine pairing Rice mountain, Capon and Poularde, Deer, Cooked soups and stews and other, Quail and partridge, Rabbit and hare, Cured meats, Sirloin, Sirloin Steak, Stews and meat sauce, Hamburger, wild boar, Ham, Duck, Pig's trotters, Roast chicken, Chicken in sauce, cheese

Santa Clos de Torribas Crianza - D.O. Penedès


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